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I thank my Coach, Beauty & the Beast for pushing me beyond what I ever could imagine!



My life has changed for the better since joining Fit Faith!



I am so excited I changed my lifestyle!



Today makes one year since I made one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you so much to April Wilson, who was not only my trainer, but so much more to me. Thank you for helping me to heal and to love Kailynn for the amazing person she is on the inside and out. Thank you for sparking a newfound confidence in me, and helping to love myself so much. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle. 77 pounds down

Kaillyn Johnson


I am only 4 weeks into my journey and so far I can truly say I have enjoyed my experience! Coach April really pushes you and motivates you every step of the way! Im excited about my journey!

Quinn Davis


I am down in size! The Belly Bailout Challenge got me started on my journey!

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